Freitag, 5. März 2010

Chronik der Unsterblichen Teil 2

My man Thomy (
is working full time now on the second part 
of the Graphic Novel-Adaption of Wolfgang Hohlbeins 
"The Chronicles of the Immortals" and does a marvelous job.
As his studio mate and scenarist of the adaption I have 
the privilegto watch it grow every day. 

Thomy asked some artists he respects to contribute their 
interpretation of a scene and/or a character of the story 
for a Gallery Part at the end of the book.
Of course he wasn´t able to get around me! 
So here´s my take on Kerber, one of the three Golden Knights,
immortal warriors killing their way through Eastern Europe 
in the name of the roman Inquisition.

2 Kommentare:

Eric Desideriu hat gesagt…

F....g great, as usual!!

Uli Oesterle hat gesagt…

jetzt gibt der ben aber gas. sehr schönes gallery-bild. bin gespannt auf den druck.