Donnerstag, 10. Januar 2013

Cover - Preview Deluxe

For more pages of Gung Ho please visit 

 For the Festival of Angouléme Edition Paquet will prepare an oversized Preview "Deluxe". 
It will also be availible at around 23rd of January.
It will show the first 40 pages of the regular first comic book 
(which will have 80 pages - so it´s half time) plus 20 pages development art. 
There won´t be a big number of copies, so if you want to get one come to Angouléme, 
Artist Thomas von Kummant will be there for signing.
If you won´t have time feel free to get it here

GUNG HO Deluxe Preview

2 Kommentare:

Vincent hat gesagt…

tout simplement génial. Très bon scénario et très bon graphisme.

Benjamin von Eckartsberg hat gesagt…

Merci beaucoup, Vince!