Montag, 18. Dezember 2006

"Banlieu" Free work


Pete hat gesagt…

Hmm...looks familiar!? Where have I seen this guy before?

Benjamin von Eckartsberg hat gesagt…

Well, Pete, the guy looks familiar because you were the model for the scetch and it is your butt hanging out there in the cold:-)
Anyway, thanks for posing!

Adriano hat gesagt…

ohh YEahh!! We love this one!

I miss you man, keep on the great work for our eyes.

Great work always.

Much Love


Benjamin von Eckartsberg hat gesagt…

HEEEEYYY Adriano!!!
Good to have YOU visiting!
We miss our favourite Italian buddy.
Hope to meet you again soon.
Take care and continue your amazing work.
Why? Because we like it! :-)