Donnerstag, 26. Juli 2007

Another colorsketch for a bookcover


Balkandude hat gesagt…

Oiiii! The colors are great Benji!
Put the small Dragons above out and i`m happy ;-)

Julkillo hat gesagt…

¿Vicente Segrelles?His comic-book character "El Mercenario"

Benjamin von Eckartsberg hat gesagt…

Hi julkillo, yes, in the early nineties Wolfgang Hohlbein, a german fantasy witer, wrote a few novels based on the El Mercenario-Character of Vincente Segrelles for a german publisher. The books had covers and interior artwork by Segrelles.
Now they republish the books for a bigger edition of old novels by Hohlbein. I did about 40 Covers for the edition, and now they are adding the Mercenario-books. That´s the reason why I´m doing new covers, so that the look of the books fit to the others in the edition.