Donnerstag, 31. Januar 2008

Angoulème 2008 I

Here are a few impressions from my little signing trip from The Artillerie in Munich to the comic festival in Angoulème, together with my studio droogies Peter Oedekoven and Thomas von Kummant.

Peter Oedekoven and Thomy von Kummant in Paris,
waiting for a train into Comic-Lala-Land.

Me being a fanboy in front of an ad for Enrico Marinis
new comic book"Les aigles de Rome"

Adriano De Vincentiis, artist of "Sophia" and our favourite Italian.
Don´t ask him about the non-smoking wave rolling all over europe.

The stand of "Edition Paquet", our publisher.

Peter Oedekoven signing his comic book "Lizard Johnny",
published 2007 by Paquet.

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