Freitag, 5. März 2010

Chronik der Unsterblichen Teil 2

My man Thomy (
is working full time now on the second part 
of the Graphic Novel-Adaption of Wolfgang Hohlbeins 
"The Chronicles of the Immortals" and does a marvelous job.
As his studio mate and scenarist of the adaption I have 
the privilegto watch it grow every day. 

Thomy asked some artists he respects to contribute their 
interpretation of a scene and/or a character of the story 
for a Gallery Part at the end of the book.
Of course he wasn´t able to get around me! 
So here´s my take on Kerber, one of the three Golden Knights,
immortal warriors killing their way through Eastern Europe 
in the name of the roman Inquisition.


Eric Desideriu hat gesagt…

F....g great, as usual!!

Uli Oesterle hat gesagt…

jetzt gibt der ben aber gas. sehr schönes gallery-bild. bin gespannt auf den druck.