Donnerstag, 6. Dezember 2012

New Comic Project!

I didn´t post anything for a long time,
but that doesn´t mean I wasn´t busy.
I did put on my writer's hat again and wrote a story called

It is gonna be a 400 page comic book,
first published in 5 volumes by Édition Paquet, France.
The first volume "Black Sheep" will be published around autumn 2013.
In January 2013 there will be a oversize Deluxe Preview
of the first 40 pages and with 20 pages bonus material.
Artist is my friend and favourite artist Thomas von Kummant.

We did the adaption of Wolfgang Hohlbeins
"The chronicals of the immortals"
together and felt it is time for a story of our own.
Thomy started a blog for the project, which you can see here: 

We hope you like it!

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